Tantra Massage

A Tantric Massage is a loving, sensual, pleasure-oriented massage with a blend of light alluring touch and somewhat deeper healing touch. Fall into a deep relaxation while your senses are stimulated and aroused. I will move into a powerful body and heart connection with you. To learn more, read my articles on the Spiritual Sensual Tantra Massage and the Spiritual Sensuous Pleasure Experience.

If you are with your partner, sensual massage among you will be the receiver and the other will be learning how to be the giver. If you do a longer session, both partners can experience both functions. tantric-massage-body-to-body-massage

The Tantric Massage is no common massage. It involves you finding out how to decrease through finding out the following:

  •  The Tantric breathing
  •  To link your sex, spirit and heart
  •  An arousal scale that allows you to decrease.
  •  How to spread your sexual energy throughout your body.